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The Lester Mohr Library, located in the Passavant House, is named for the man who saved the house from destruction and willed his personal library collection to the Society. Many of the older books, some very rare, were from this original donation.

The Lester Mohr Library also contains files of local historical interest, as well as a database of local genealogical information and many books related to local families.

Our artifacts include over a thousand letters and documents belonging to Zélie Passavant and her family, including her marriage papers, the family's original passports from Europe to the United States, and the bills of lading from their journey.

Library resources are available by appointment for historical or genealogical research by appointment only. Please call 724-452-9457 to schedule.

Please refer to our research policy page for more details or to make a research inquiry.

Lester R. Mohr Library


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