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Zelienople Historical Society

Zelienople Historical Soceity

Our History
The Zelienople Historical Society was incorporated in 1975 to preserve and share the history of Zelienople, PA. In 1978, the Society purchased and restored Passavant House, creating a museum featuring artifacts and memorabilia of the Passavant family and of the town's historic past. The Society has grown over the years to include nearly 500 members from across the country and in other parts of the world.

Zelienople Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation of local historical resources as well as the education of members and the public. A research library is maintained at Passavant House, with a large collection of primary resource materials as well as genealogical records of many early immigrant families. These materials are available to researchers seeking their own family records and those involved in scholarly pursuits.

Among educational programs are special tours for local school children conducted each spring.

The Zelienople Historical Society office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. until noon. Our phone number is 724-452-9457.

The Lester Mohr Library is available for genealogical and historical research by appointment only. Please call the office to make arrangements. There is a $10 per hour charge for non-members, or to have the librarian do research for you.

Tours begin weekdays at 9:30 A.M. at Passavant House. Prior notice is appreciated. Groups and alternate times are by appointment. Please remember that our docents are volunteers; same day requests may not be possible. Tours are $5 per person.

Our Location
The Zelienople Historical Society office and the Lester Mohr Library are located in one of our two historic house museums, the The Passavant House, 243 South Main Street, in Zelienople, PA.

The Buhl House, which is our second historic house museum, is at 221 South Main Street in Zelienople, PA.

Zelienople, PA is approximately 30 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA and 90 miles south or Erie, PA.



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